October 29, 2015

Training Schedule

Mediation Training Classes

The dates and frequency of our training classes and the screening process for mediator trainees are established based on the community needs in Montgomery County.  Dates for the next training classes will be announced on this website, so please be sure to check the website regularly for training announcements. If you do not have regular computer access and would like to be added to the training notification list, please contact the DRC-MC  Volunteer Coordinator at (936) 760-6914.

Note: DRC requires a criminal background check on individuals mediating or observing a mediation in which minors are mediation participants .

The dates, frequency of our training and the screening process for mediator trainees are established based on the community needs in Montgomery County. Volunteer applications are accepted year round.

 Training Team

Local judges, attorneys, professionals and experienced mediators act as trainers and/or coaches for the 40 Hour General and Family Mediation classes. All trainers and coaches are senior mediators from varied professional backgrounds who bring richness to the training through varied perspectives and practices as mediators.

Classes comply with statutory and Texas Mediator Trainers Roundtable requirements and employ a variety of interactive techniques, including skill demonstrations and role plays by the trainees.


Mediation is a process which empowers the parties to a dispute to explore their conflict, generate many possible solutions and reach resolutions which are satisfactory to each party. They may also decide that it is not resolvable at that time.

It is a collaborative, intuitive, flexible, creative and synergistic process. Research suggests that talking face to face also teaches communication skills which carry over into the relationship well beyond the end of the mediation process.

While courts and attorneys are involved in most cases at the DRC-MC, we strive to keep the parties in control of the content and outcome of the mediation.

The mediators retain control of the process.

Testimonials from DRC Mediation Participants

Coaches and trainers “very clear and quick to answer questions and explain and show why techniques are done.”

“Knowledgeable trainers, informal atmosphere and enthusiasm for the process – all great.”

“Attitude and expertise are outstanding”; “Well prepared and illustrated.”

“Dedication, enthusiasm and skill of staff and mediators is wonderful.”

“Great food.”

“A great group of volunteers.”

“Interesting, thorough and informative.”

“I really enjoyed hearing from other lawyers and judges regarding these issues.”

“To see and hear the judge’s perspective was very useful.”

“Accommodations and lunch – excellent.”