“Helping People with Difficult Conversations Since 1988”

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The Dispute Resolution Center

of Montgomery County, Inc.

The Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Inc. (DRC-MC) provides and promotes affordable, high-quality dispute resolution services and training to the Montgomery County, Texas area.

A non-profit organization, the DRC-MC focuses on bringing parties together with a trained and impartial mediator to settle disputes outside of the courtroom by examining the underlying issues, exploring options and discussing mutually agreeable solutions.

The DRC-MC has helped Montgomery County residents resolve conflict, rebuild relationships and restore communication since 1988.

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Mediation can help parties avoid lengthy and expensive legal battles.

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Mediation Overview

What is mediation and how do I request mediation with the DRC-MC?


The DRC-MC has combined theoretical and experiential techniques to provide quality learning. Intensive courses offer a combination of lectures, simulations, and participatory exercises.

Community Outreach

The DRC-MC aims to fulfill our mission in the community through various avenues. Through community outreach and our relationships with our community partners, The DRC-MC seeks to build awareness and participation in peace-promoting efforts.