“Helping People with Difficult Conversations Since 1988”

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The Dispute Resolution Center

of Montgomery County, Inc.

The Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Inc. (DRC-MC) provides and promotes affordable, high-quality dispute resolution services and training to the Montgomery County, Texas area.

A non-profit organization, the DRC-MC focuses on bringing parties together with a trained and impartial mediator to settle disputes outside of the courtroom by examining the underlying issues, exploring options and discussing mutually agreeable solutions.

The DRC-MC has helped Montgomery County residents resolve conflict, rebuild relationships and restore communication since 1988.

2022 Peacebuilding Champions!

The Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Inc. and the Association for Conflict Resolution Houston Peer Mediation Team are pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Peacebuilding Community Awards.  VIEW WINNERS



Mediation can help parties avoid lengthy and expensive legal battles.

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Mediation Overview

What is mediation and how do I request mediation with the DRC-MC?


The DRC-MC has combined theoretical and experiential techniques to provide quality learning. Intensive courses offer a combination of lectures, simulations, and participatory exercises.

Community Outreach

The DRC-MC aims to fulfill our mission in the community through various avenues. Through community outreach and our relationships with our community partners, The DRC-MC seeks to build awareness and participation in peace-promoting efforts.